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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Blogroll Amnesty Day, 2009

It is time once more to observe Blogroll Amnesty Day, a celebration starting today and going through Tuesday, February 3rd - typical liberal excess. Thanks to skippy, Jon Swift and Blue "2000th Post" Gal for spearheading this once again, to skippy for the graphic, and to all bloggers who make a habit of linking more than the usual suspects (take a bow, Mike Finnigan).

Backtrack through the above links for the background on this event, or head over to Shamanaqua for an entertaining, fantasy-themed retelling. Last year's post here went with a "gigantic mutant lizards breathing nuclear flame" theme. And that gives me an excuse to re-run this graphic from one of those pesky blog meme posts:

(Click for a larger view.)

Because it's all about the mix, folks. The cool thing about the liberal blogosphere – or blogtopia (yes, a certain kangaroo coined that phrase!) – is that you can find brilliant essays, original muckraking, conscientious fact-checking, policy discussions to make a wonk's heart flutter, cathartic rants, witty satire, and general silliness. On the blogtopia side of things, is there anyone who's been doing this for a while who hasn't experienced a flash of insight reading someone else's work, or learned something new in the course of researching a post, or come to a better understanding of his or her own position arguing in a comment thread? The internet tubes encompass a wide range of opinions and many communities, and we have seen extreme ugliness from some of them. But it's also not hard to find positive communities and a degree of kindness that would shock the MSM scolds who rarely seem to bother actually reading those foul-mouthed bloggers they're so convinced are, ahem, undermining democracy.

Speaking of "the mix," with no slight to the fine bloggers I linked last year nor to the many others on my blogroll, may I suggest you check out:

Daily Dorkmonger. Kristen writes: "I am bitter and elitist! I like to read and I like to write about what I read." Well gosh, Kristen, that's redundant - elitist, reading, and talking about it?!? Jeez, as if we'd like to hear what you have to sa – wait, what was that about lewd Russian jokes, and supervillains?

Tales of Brave Sir Robin (a.k.a. Sir Robin Rides Away): Blogging from a "proud Liberal" and "a prouder Dad" who features off-beat music selections and other interesting takes. (Plus, I'm happy somebody else also refers to it as "Roast Beast.")

Impolitic Eye: "Parenting, advertising, graphic design, food, politics and whatever else catches my attention."

Media Bloodhound. MBH probably doesn't need my help, and his "ranking" is deceptive as he's another inveterate cross-poster, but I have to give a shout-out to this level of media analysis.

Comrade Kevin's Chrestomathy covers a wide range of subjects including politics and music, but make sure to scroll through and read through Kevin's reviews of classic films.

Atomic Romance: It's supervillains again, as Swinebread does comics! Even if you're not a comic books geek, I think it's hard not to appreciate this level of dedication. There are few loves as pure as unadulterated geek love - and it makes the world a better, more pleasant place. (Like a few other activities we could name.)

Thanks, and make sure to check out skippy and Jon Swift's posts (linked at the top), since they'll be compiling links to participating bloggers.

(Cross-posted at Blue Herald, for even more linky love. Ha! Just try and stop me!)


Comrade Kevin said...

I appreciate it!

I need to do more reviews. I've certainly seen several films recently, but due to med side effects I simply haven't had the concentration I need to write. When I get used to things better I'll resume them.

I'm going to do Blogroll Amnesty Day either Monday or Tuesday. I know it deserves more than that, but I'd rather keep it for a single day.

I think like last year I'm going to list the whole blogroll, since I hate leaving people out. It can easily be confused as a popularity contest and that's never my intent.

Batocchio said...

CK, you could also do what Tengrain does, and every so often just list your entire blogroll as a post. Or do that for B.A.D.

Kristen said...

Thanks for the bump!

I did my own Blogroll Amnesty post last night. I think it's a great idea.

Amanda Crowe said...

so, [today or everyday], take a moment to click thru to a smaller blog/s, and read a new perspective. Happy blogroll amnesty day ( a celebration of small blogs) to everyone! The day that we share the little spaces on the internet(s) that we love and think should get more attention.