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Monday, April 07, 2008

Carnival of the Liberals Call for Submissions

Carnival of the Liberals #62 is due out later this week, hosted by A Revolution of One. The theme is "new media," but apparently submissions are still needed, with a deadline of Wednesday, 4/9. If you can, write a brief post to help out. As A Revolution of One explains:

I'd like to ask for submissions that either include, or are on the topic of new media, with special emphasis on video. I'll leave it as broad as possible, but topics could include anything from how new media has affected this years presidential campaign, or the war in Iraq, to citizen journalism around the world. As long as it somehow involves new media in some way.

The blogcarnival.com form is the best way to submit.

Meanwhile, I'm hosting carnival #63 at Vagabond Scholar on April 23rd. I'm happy to read all submissions, but I'd like to concentrate on "Human Rights" posts, which can cover torture, due process, Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib or any of a number of related subjects. Given the recent release of the 2003 Yoo torture memo, Philippe Sands' new book Torture Team, the upcoming Guantanamo trials, the stances of our presidential candidates, and situations around the world, there's plenty of angles to take on material that unfortunately needs far more attention than it's receiving.

Consider submissions open. I'm asking for a Monday, 4/21 submission deadline, but earlier is better and much appreciated. Again, I'm happy to read all submissions, but posts related in some way to human rights are preferred. Thanks!

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