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Friday, November 16, 2007

Right-Wing Cartoon Watch #26 (10/1/07 — 11/11/07)

The 26th installment of RWCW is finally here, otherwise known as "the ridiculously long debunk of right-wingers - with pictures! - done by some guy with undiagnosed OCD."

In this larger-than-usual installment, covering five weeks, conservatives pretended the news from the Middle East was both great (Iraq) and dire (Iran), attacked one of their favorite bugbears, and massively ramped up the assaults on their presumptive foe for 2008. Somehow, a few of them still managed to find time to attack health care for kids and defend torture.

Pace yourself, now! And skip whatever you like! Too much wingnuttiness consumed too quickly can lead to toxic overload!

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