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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Right-Wing Cartoon Watch #23 (8/20/07 — 9/3/07)

The latest installment is here! This installment covers two weeks, and thus offers less of a chance of toxic overload than the previous, super-sized installment. But never fear, it’s just as wonky at a quarter the size. And conservative cartoonists were in fine form. Slandering Dems! Lauding a scalliwag! Shunning homosexuals! Lancing straw men and agitating for war! Apart from a few more lame attacks on Ted Kennedy or John Kerry, what more could you ask for?


John Smith said...

Vagabond: blogofascist is how it's spelled.

Batocchio said...

Whoops! Sorry, typo.

Anonymous said...

Typical. Total absense of humor, and a crude understanding of the issues.

Thanks for reading these over there so we don't have to read them over here.