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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

That's Okay, I Wasn't Using My Civil Rights, Anyway

Unsurprisingly, Dan Froomkin has a splendid round-up of editorials, articles and blog posts on the recent, horrendous FISA bill. (Click any of the cartoons for a larger view. All the cartoons were linked by Froomkin, except the last one, which I've meaning to use for a while now.)

Crooks and Liars has video of Glenn Greenwald and Marjorie Cohn discussing these issues here with Amy Goodman on Democracy Now! The full show is here.

It's also no surprise Greenwald has been blogging up a storm on this matter. Here's "Democrats' responsibility for Bush radicalism," "Chris Dodd on FISA, habeas corpus and Democratic capitulation," "The strong and tough Democrats," and "Attention Democrats: GOP fear-mongering does not work."

Balkinization also has a series of excellent posts on these issues. On the FISA bill, they start around Saturday, August 5th, but there are related posts further back in July. (I'm sure the other major legally-oriented blogs have good entries as well.)

As long as we're discussing police states and Orwellian subjects, Froomkin's post also links a good piece by the ever-insightful Dahlia Lithwick on torture and Jane Mayer's New Yorker feature, "The Black Sites: A rare look inside the C.I.A.’s secret interrogation program," a harrowing piece that's getting increased attention, and deservedly so.

(The cartoons are by Telnaes, Babin, Oliphant and O'Farrell, respectively.)

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