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Friday, April 06, 2007

The Axis of Evil Comedy Tour

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Blessed are the comedians. On 4/2/07, Fresh Air featured an interview by Terry Gross with members of The Axis of Evil Comedy Tour (here's them in 2006 on All Things Considered). The Fresh Air interview is well worth a listen. Here's their website and here's their DVD.

Here's a short CNN segment on them:

Here's a brief segment by one of the comics, Maz Jobrani:

Here's Ahmed Ahmed:

Here's one of the guest stars, Dean Obeidallah:

Here's my favorite segment, from Aron Kader:

Honestly, some of the jokes fall flat for me, but many are pretty damn funny, and I'm very glad to see young Arab comedians out there.

Finally, here's another group, The Israeli-Palestinian Comedy Tour. Enjoy!

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