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Monday, August 07, 2006

The Bush Quiz

(Via Froomkin) The New Yorker's Paul Slansky has a fun, frightening and enlightening piece that's now online, "The Bush Quiz: The Twentieth Hundred Days." It's a good reminder of certain incidents, especially some of the rhetoric. Can you, for instance, spot the Cheney and Rumsfeld quotations in a thicket of Bush's? Did Condeleeza Rice really imply that, as disastrous as the Bush administration's policies have been, we should count ourselves lucky because they could have really fucked things up? One entry (#13) impressively manages a rather devastating critique of the Bush administration's national security performance and political techniques, all in multiple choice format! (Them Commies is smart.)

(And yes, I will be attending News Junkies Anonymous. I got 19/19, although a couple were by process of elimination.)

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