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Friday, July 14, 2006

SOAP en français

As it is Bastille Day and right before the weekend, as a public service, I present to you: Snakes On a Plane - en français. Conservatives like to bash the French almost as much as they do The New York Times, but dammit, those French sure know fine cinema when they see it. ;-)

Orson Welles, eat your heart out!

(Talk to me about yo' mofo mise-en-scene! Bring it!)


Mark Prime (tpm/Confession Zero) said...

Pay attention if you can…
They bring the wits `round to craving futile noise;
Clutter and drivel and trivia and claptrap!
A tube-fed nation, inhaling the steady numbness of the cut and flash;
The bombardment of a saber-toothed reflection; Barbie doll drivel and spit!
The world’s come a calling and you’ve not noticed it!
Pay attention if you can…
The burning world’s come to stay
and you’ve not a clean thing to wear
And the house is in disarray!
A tyrant’s knocking on your pipes listening to your incessant tirade
About American Idol and Brittany Spears!
Your personal data’s being scanned, copied, and put up for trade
While you lounge `round in your God awful tube-fed coma!
Pay attention if you can…
Electro-gadgetry’s stolen your memory,
While the blazing world’s been tapping at your door,
and a tyrant’s been rummaging `round your bedroom!
There are men at work in your yard digging a memory hole
And they’ll lower you down; bury you `neath the solemn ground,
But you won’t notice...

Jill Bryant said...

I'm not commenting on this post particularly (as worthy of comment that it is) - I just wanted to say I see your posts on C&L and they are always very on the money - or does it just mean I agree with you? Either way, it saves me from needing to post a similar and probably less concise comment so keep up the good work!

Batocchio said...

Haha. Thanks poetryman - that's a cool beat groove ya got goin'.

And thanks, Jill. That's kind of you. See you at C&L!