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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Liveblogging Gonzales

Gonzales' opening statement can be read here. Meanwhile, several bloggers covered the hearings. Glenn Greenwald, who has consistently written fantastic posts on the NSA wiretaps, weighs in here. He's sure to expand on it tomorrow. You can also see part of his brief C-Span interview here (courtesy of Crooks and Liars). ReddHedd of Firedoglake covered Gonzales in four entertaining and insightful parts; you can read #1 here, then scroll up (She also has some good comments on Greenwald's appearance right below). John Aravosis of Americablog also liveblogged the event, and the original Wonkette Ana Maria Cox stopped by her old blog to offer some snark here.

Mattthew Yglesias at The American Prospect and Digby at Hullabaloo had the same reaction I did, although they go into more detail - why the hell are these Repulican Senators handing away their power? They're choosing not even party solidarity, but unswerving loyalty to George Bush... and putting Bush not only ahead of their own constituents, but their own constitutional authority. This is unusual. Still, I suppose it's impressive in one sense that our duly-elected can be both self-denying and unpatriotic at the same time.

Dibgy also has a good post invoking both Rove and Nixon. Digby nicely lays out what many of us have known: this is an old battle, and the illegal NSA wiretaps are just more of the same. On a similar note, Dan Froomkin compiles a few "History Lessons" on clashes involving Rumsfeld, Cheney, and George H.W. Bush within the Ford administration. Of course, back then the Republican president choose to check his own power in regard to wiretaps.

But we all know Ford was a commie.

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