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Monday, September 26, 2005

New Dylan Doc By Scorsese

No Direction Home will air on most PBS stations in two parts on Monday, September 26th and Tuesday the 27th. Although most reviewers have noted that it whitewashes Dylan’s drug use somewhat, and apparently the DVD extras are stingy, most everyone expresses excitement and gratitude over the entire affair. Scorsese of course filmed Dylan once before as part of The Last Waltz, the seminal rock doc on The Band, who backed Dylan for many years (Robbie Robertson of The Band was also Scorsese’s roommate at one time!)

If you’re interested, The Washington Post offered some background on the doc here and a review of it here. PBS has its write-up with some nice background material here, while Slate offers it perspective here (although it wouldn’t be a typical Slate review without one asinine comment, here pertaining to legendary Irish folkie Liam Clancy).

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