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Thursday, October 14, 2010

John Lennon

It would have been John Lennon's 70th birthday this past Saturday, 10/9/10. Here's two of my favorite Lennon songs, "Across the Universe" and "Watching the Wheels," although it would be easy to post a few dozen more. Fresh Air compiled some good Lennon-related interviews, and Weekend Edition Saturday had a great segment with David Sheff, who interviewed and hung out with Lennon over the course of three weeks shortly before Lennon was tragically murdered:

"When I arrived, it was a time when he just had so much to say," Sheff says. "He would talk and he would stand up; at one point, he was almost climbing on the refrigerator talking about something."

Lennon would have turned 70 on Oct. 9. Sheff says he can't imagine the singer at such an age. But Lennon, he adds, lived for the future. The singer told him that while he liked The Beatles' song "Yesterday," he was glad he had never written it.

" 'I don't believe in yesterday,' " Sheff says, quoting Lennon. "Life begins at 40, or so they promise. And I believe in what's going to come.' That's one of the last things he had said to me."

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Gary...a relative of Mister Tristan said...

I've been to NYC as a tourist a couple of times, but my personal highlight came this past June when we walked in Central Park and saw the "Strawberry Fields" memorial to John Lennon. As people stood around the mozaic with the word Imagine in the center, many were hushed, many were weeping silently, many had their heads bowed, many were holding hands. A street musician with a guitar was softly playing Lennon tunes nearby. It was quite a moving experience, one that I will never forget.


irishpoetry said...

Nice videos. Great share om remembrance of Lennon and good info here. Interesting quote from Lennon.