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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Note to the "Love Doctor"

Oh my lord. Just watch:

Love Doctor, the term you're looking for is "dap," or "fist-bump," or "fist tap"… Well, almost anything would have been better, even "respect knuckles" or the New York Times' unintentionally hilarious "closed-fisted high-five." ("Terrorist fist jab" remains some combination of wingnut fanaticism, bigotry and McCarthyism, however, and is unacceptable.) Look, it's one thing not to be hip to the current lingo, but the term you used not only does not mean what you think it means, it did not exactly come into usage recently.

Love Doctor, heal thyself. Do read up on this one (Urban Dictionary gets pretty damn explicit), and, in the immortal words from Hamlet, "Taint not thy mind."

(And yes, this is a terribly immature post.)

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Update: Self-Portrait in a Screen Capture

The BH slugline says it all:


driouxcipher said...

This is one of the funniest clips ever. She says it like she's trying to be hip, and it's just painful as hell. "Kids these days, with their fisting, and texting!"

Anonymous said...

Actually, my friends and I have claimed "terrorist fist jab" for our own and do it with great glee. Just slather it with the right amount of irony and it's great.

Batocchio said...

Haha. Incertus, that I'm all for. It's the talking head McCarthyist version that's no good. Seriously, how far gone did Hill have to be to say that one?