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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Soldiers of Humanity

From Zen Flesh, Zen Bones, translated by Paul Reps:

Once a division of the Japanese army was engaged in a sham battle, and some of the officers found it necessary to make their headquarters in Gasan's temple.

Gasan told his cook: "Let the officers have only the same simple fare we eat."

This made the army men angry, as they were used to very deferential treatment. One came to Gasan and said: "Who do you think we are? We are soldiers, sacrificing our lives for our country. Why don't you treat us accordingly?"

Gasan answered sternly: "Who do you think we are? We are soldiers of humanity, aiming to save all sentient beings."

(This week marks the fifth anniversary of the United States' invasion of Iraq. This post is for the Iraq War Blogswarm and as part of a ongoing Series on War. Cross-posted at The Blue Herald.)


thepoetryman said...

I weep...yet it will not douse the flames of the revolution.

M.Yu said...

Thanks for the freeway sign post also. I may have missed it.

I hope we are more than a finger pointing at the Moon.