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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Digby Speaks!

I've long been a fan of Digby's writing, as many folks in the liberal blogosphere have been. Today, she broke with her anonymity to speak at the Take Back America conference, and it's not to be missed.

As I wrote over at her site, her characteristic wit comes across beautifully in her delivery. She offers a great history of the liberal blogosphere, a wry rebuttal of its critics, an on-target critique of the media and tremendous inspiration, all in a very short amount of time. If I want to bring anyone up to speed about what liberal blogging is about, why I blog (and also why I read and link Digby's work all the time!), I think I'll just link this video. It says it all so eloquently.

I sincerely hope that sacrificing some of her privacy won't cause her too much turmoil. Her writing has always been insightful and superb, but this speech was exciting, inspiring, and much appreciated. Brava! Thank you, Digby.

Feel free to try to out-gush me in the thread Dover Bitch set up at Hullabaloo.

I first saw this video over at Firedoglake.

You can see some of the other videos from the conference here (hat tip to Nicole Belle). I know I'll be trying to watch quite a few.

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Brian said...

Very much off topic, but thanks for the link over at C&L. It's not even 1:00 p.m. and I've already shattered my single day traffic record--it's more than double already, and it's all coming from C&L. Many thanks.

Fade said...

Bat- you still doing the guest round up?



thepoetryman said...

Your google vid seems to be down... Thank you for the tip and the linkage to her voice.


Batocchio said...

Thanks, tpm. Fixed. For some reason, the original one I linked was taken off-line, although I thought that was the official copy - but this one seems to be official as well. I read something about Google getting a great deal of traffic for this video, so maybe they re-posted it or something.

As for the C&L round-up, you've probably already seen Cernig's doing it this week - and doing a fantastic job! But Brian, you're very welcome, and Fade, nice post as always. Cernig's submission e-mail is listed on the C&L posts.

Ed said...

Any commenters care to share some advice on how to catch the eye/ear of whomever is doing the C&L blog roundup?

Batocchio said...

Ed, I'd suggest just e-mailing whoever's doing it with a link and a brief description or excerpt. Currently it's Cernig, although I believe it will be someone new come Sunday. Mike links 250-300 blogs per month, which is really cool of him.

Just for reference, during my brief stint, my inbox was overflowing, and I know I didn't get the volume that Mike does, although he and Blue Gal forwarded some submissions sent to them to me. I tried to read all the submissions, but it was impossible to link them all. Plus, some folks had already been linked the previous week. I know Mike tries to mix it up and not link the same folks every day, week, etc. Sometimes another C&L post has covered the same story. Anyway, nothing's personal. There are also open threads at C&L and other sites, Melissa McEwan at Shakesville has "blogwhoring" threads every day, and other bloggers also do round-ups.

Some people submit every post they write, but speaking solely personally, since I was only a brief pinch-hitter and am low on the totem pole, I think it's better to wait and submit a key post every now and then. Anyway, you have a nice site, as you know, so I'd just submit your best stuff as you write it.

Ed said...

Thanks for the response. I know that whomever does the C&L blog roundup must be overwhelmed, and I certainly don't send them everything I blog. I've submitted maybe 3 or 4 things in total over the last 6 months. Patience, I suppose, is the best medicine.