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Friday, September 22, 2006

What's A Gutting of Essential Human Rights Between Friends?

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As predicted, the GOP “dissidents” have reached an accord with the White House. They’ve now proved their independence to their constituents back home, but will join forces again to screw the Democrats and the U.S. Constitution before November. Perhaps that analysis is too cynical, and perhaps some shred of conscience will flicker to light and burst into glorious reality. Perhaps the law is actually an improvement on existing conditions — some of its provisions actually seem to be good. But if the typical GOP trend continues, basic human rights and justice will instead be drowned in a bathtub.

The big question is – what about habeas corpus? Currently we only have early reports, so perhaps later versions of these stories, or follow-up pieces will delve into this. But how can this be missed? The AP story doesn’t mention it. The usually excellent Washington Post doesn’t mention it. And The New York Times only touches on it at the end:

Still, Senator Carl Levin of Michigan, the senior Democrat on the Armed Services Committee, said he would press to change a provision in the proposal that would deny detainees a right to challenge their captivity in court.

Over at Hullabaloo, Digby is all over this with ”Punked” and " Tough and Smart", and Tristero contributes "Outrage and Shame".

Here’s the link they provide for supporting the Specter-Levin amendment protecting habeas corpus. The current GOP move is get this passed before Congress recesses. This demands action, and if the amendment fails, a filibuster. It’s time to write everyone with a shred of conscience and feed that flame.

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