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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Hitler vs. Coulter

The website Give Up has a quiz challenging readers to guess which of fourteen quotations was said by Hitler as opposed to Ann Coulter. They update some of the references to America and such so that cries of "the Fatherland,""Bismark" and invading Poland don't appear.

A few that I missed I should have gotten; Hitler's writing style is more, umm, grand, than Coulter's. There's one I'm not sure many could deduce, since it's rather short and the hatred is indistinguishable. Even if the prose style differs for the two writers, the tone really is the same. That's the scary part.

Meanwhile, Blogenfreude over at Agitprop penned a lovely "guest post" by Coulter about the recent murder of soldiers Kristian Menchaca and Thomas Tucker. The post is made up entirely of direct quotations from conservative bloggers, but reads as if Coulter wrote it herself. Never doubt the woman has influence! It also shows, as I commented on the site, that with Coulter you really can just play the tapes. It makes me wonder why she bothers to write new books or articles at all, given that her work really is the equivalent of Mad Libs for the Far Right. But apparently it's easier to churn out this crap when you don't bother to write it all yourself.

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